Turramurra Trotters
...running since 1974!


Choose to run one of our official street circuits, or run your own course/distance. Times are recorded by Alan with PB's tracked and recognised when all runners return to the start/finish line.

There are 6 circuits to choose from ranging from 6.5k to 15k. But you can choose to run any distance.


There are 4 circuits to choose from ranging from 2.4k to 7.1k.

Walking through the quiet and picturesque streets of Wahroonga and Turramurra, the pace ranges from brisk to not-so-brisk.


Some of our cyclists are ex-runners who have blended in nicely with some very experienced treddlers.

Destinations vary and the planning often occurs during the ride! But generally the group will arrive back at the start/finish line before the "meet" is over.


Is at Adam's Cakes and Chocolates in Rohini Street, Turramurra.

Here we unwind, discuss our runs/walks/rides, swap notes on injuries and relax.


Trotters have been meeting in Rohini Street, Turramurra for over 47 years.

Just head towards the Turramurra Train Station carpark in Rohini Street and look for people who look like they are ready to run, walk or cycle.


Trotters will start to gather at the start/finish line from around 6:00am each Saturday. New to Trotters?, arrive between 6:15am and 6:25am- ( 15 minutes earlier in summertime ). Scratch is 6:30am ( Walkers start 15 minutes earlier in summertime ).

Start time is flexible, Alan keeps track of late and early starters and adjusts their times accordingly.

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About us.

Turramurra Trotters is an informal and non-competitive community group of runners, walkers and cyclists who meet in the Turramurra Station car park at 6.25am on Saturdays.
There is also an 'official' Facebook page for general information, announcements and results at https://www.facebook.com/TurramurraTrotters.

Turramurra Trotters – a Short History

Back in 1974 a small group of runners came together to train for the City to Surf, just 3 years after it started. From the beginning they kept their running times and started a handicap system.
In the last 47 years the Trotters have run every Saturday morning, firstly starting at 7:00am and now at 6:30am, including on Christmas Day, and even in torrential rain for a brave few.
The Trotters continue to be an egalitarian group that encourages all runners, and still trains for the City to Surf. Also, we have members running in the Six Foot Track and Marathons both here and overseas.
Defying inflation still only costs 20c for a drink after the run!
Frequently, we are privileged to have Peter Welch, an Original Trotter, and our very own Legend.

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Alan Cole 0418 229 507
Peter Welch 0410 834 833
Les Bryce 0429 813 351


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